Access to the site

We would like to thank Great Blakenham Parish Council for alerting us to the serious concerns they have about the anti-social behaviour and illegal access to the SnOasis site.  This is something we take extremely seriously, as this is a potentially hazardous – as a former quarry with areas of deep water.

We would like to ask local people to continue reporting any breaches or illegal access to the site, either by contacting us via this website, or using our hotline number 0800 955 1042.

We are undertaking a complete review of security arrangements for the site, to prevent access, and to investigate breaches.  We will be replacing any broken padlocks and putting in place extensive new signage warning of the dangers.   We will be reviewing these measures regularly.

There’s still plenty to do before we can start construction, but we are delighted that we have the support of many local residents and the council. 

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